Joyce’s Ulysses Banned Again—by Apple, Not the Government

I’ve been very impressed with the iPad as an e-book reader, preferring it over traditional paper books. But the technology is still evolving and, for those who choose to publish their work through Apple’s online store (a walled garden controlled by a single corporation), censorship remains a real hazard. A reminder of this at Daily Finance

Rob Berry and Josh Levitas’s “Ulysses Seen” webcomic is, by all accounts, an ambitious undertaking, as any adaptation of the Irish author’s nearly 1,000-page tome would be. And with a readers’ guide, translation into foreign languages and other complementary materials, it would seem like a natural for the iPad and its multitouch user interface.

But Apple had a surprise up its sleeve, thanks to its strict guidelines about adult content, and the nudity present in “Ulysses Seen” was verboten.

The offending image can be found here.

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