Why I’m Not Renewing My Subscription, Update #2

Correcting a previous post where I wrote that I would not be renewing my subscription to The New Yorker until it was made available in a digital format– I’ve since found that a digital subscription is available via Kindle and Nook (though there seem to be some technical issues for iPad users) for the same price as a regular subscription

The New Yorker has also just released an iPad app that looks really promising although it seems that each issue, for now, will cost $5. A short promotional video for the app can be found here.

I also received an email from One Story which said, “We are currently working on making One Story available for the iPad.” This is good news, though One Story already sends out a large print version in PDF to subscribers who request it– seems like they could just send a regular version in PDF to those subscriber who request it in lieu of the paper version.

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