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Akopos is the blog of Dennis Y. Ginoza.

dennisyg (at) gmail (dot) com


MFA in Writing, Pacific University, 2011

Clarion Writers’ Workshop, 2011


“Birth Issues: The Round-Eyed Übermenschen of the Middle Kingdom”, Article, LOSTWKND

“Place: The Road to Extinction is Paved with Good Intentions”, Article, Flaunt Magazine

“Feline Mythology”, Article, Flaunt Magazine

“Other Names, Other Histories”, Short Story, Phantom Drift

“Word and Flesh”, Short Story, Shimmer Magazine

“The Widower”, Short Story, Per Contra

“Re: Christmas, Bainbridge Island”, Short Story, Bloodchildren: Stories by the Octavia E. Butler Scholars

“Daughter of Pierus”, Short Story, Underground Voices

“Euler’s Identity”, Short Story, Prime Number Magazine, Prime Number Magazine, Editors’ Selections, Volume 1

“City of Desert Rain”, Short Story, Present Tense Writer’s Journal

“Chael”, Flash Fiction, Life With Objects


Untitled artwork 2013-04-13 (11.45.12-675 PM)

Art by Liz Argall.