Journaling My 2010 Summer Residency at Pacific University’s MFA Program

The 2010 Summer Residency at Pacific University begins tomorrow and I will be posting daily entries over the next ten days. When I first applied to the MFA in Creative Writing, I did a lot of research on the faculty, the residencies, and the overall quality of the program. There was an abundance of information online but I found myself wishing for a more detailed account of what the Residency was like day-to-day. As a wheelchair user, I was particularly interested in the accessibility of the campus and the dormitory housing.

Now that I am about to begin my second Residency at Forest Grove, I thought it would be a good opportunity to offer my own experiences as an MFA student as well as some details about the physical layout of the facilities. My hope is that prospective students interested in a Low-Residency MFA (and, specifically, what a Pacific University Residency entails) will find some use in these posts. Also, as the first wheelchair user in Pacific’s MFA program (but hopefully not the last), I want to provide what information I can to emerging writers with mobility impairments that might be considering applying to Pacific.

Next post w/ pictures tomorrow night from Forest Grove, OR.

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3 responses to “Journaling My 2010 Summer Residency at Pacific University’s MFA Program

  1. ChristineLarsen

    Testing to see if I can leave comments….

  2. ChristineLarsen

    I think I can..! Anyway wow you’re making a big change this summer..but where the heck is Forest Grove? ha. I think I need to keep reading… Have fun! Hopefully the weather in Forest Grove (wherever that is) is better than Kitsap County right now.

  3. Thanks Christine, yeah the weather down here (outside Portland) is beautiful. Good to hear from you!

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