Weekend Stories – 8.16.2010

Some interesting articles you may have missed over the weekend include 17 Literary Journals That Might Survive The Internet, 13 Literary Magazines Reviews, more on self-publishing, and what Joyce Carol Oates is excited to read.


Anis Shivani follows up his provocative list of the 15 Most Overrated Contemporary American Writers with 17 Literary Journals That Might Survive The Internet. The usual suspects are gathered while several notables (Tin House, Glimmer Train) are oddly neglected. As Susan Schultz commented below the article, “Iowa Review seems to be the furthest west of these–almost all are staunch east coast institutions. Look farther west! There are good journals in California and, gasp, Hawai`i!”

via Huffington Post:

Anis Shivani:17 Literary Journals That Might Survive The Internet (PHOTOS)

How are the literary journals faring amidst the rise of the Internet? Are they suffering from the current cost-cutting mania in higher education? Can this venerable American literary institution survive–or even thrive–despite new technologies?

The respected editors of some of America’s most venerable little magazines answered these questions for us.


via newpages.com:

Literary Magazine Reviews
Aufgabe, Number 9, 2010
Review by Sima Rabinowitz

An engaging and provocative issue of this ever-impressive annual. This year’s portfolio of international writing features contemporary Polish poetry selected by guest editor Mark Tardi, complex and inventive work worthy of serious reading and sustained attention.


via StarTribune.com:

Writers spin their tales on the Web

In a Barnes & Noble cafe, Evelyn Burdette gently rests her hands on her polka-dot laptop case and says, “This is my best friend in the entire world.”

It could also be her big break as a writer.


and via Critical Mass:

What Are You Reading, Joyce Carol Oates?

This summer, we’re asking past winners of and finalists for NBCC awards what books they’re excited to read. Below, Joyce Carol Oates, who received the Ivan Sandrof Lifetime Achievement Award from the NBCC last year, weighs in. Click here for the rest of the series.

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