R.I.P, John Callahan

I first came across John Callahan’s cartoons in one of those magazines covering “The Disability Community”. Wedged between articles on accessible hotels in Prague and glossy ads for titanium framed wheelchairs, they were crudely drawn, cynical… and the absolute truth. He made me laugh and grimace at the same time, his work the necessary antidote for all the rehab happy talk, all the therapists and their “programs”, all the doctors and vocational counselors and misty-eyed Hollywood scriptwriters.

via The Guardian:

John Callahan obituary
Acerbic cartoonist whose work was suffused with angst

Unable to control a pen single-handed, Callahan worked on a tablet on his knees, holding the pen with two hands and drawing from the shoulders. Like that other great humorist, the partially sighted James Thurber, Callahan succeeded in channelling his limitations to create a distinctive style in drawings peopled by characters that he described as “kind of demented, as I think most people are”.

As disability was his primary subject, Callahan frequently came under attack from the people he described as “self-righteous assholes who presume to defend the disabled”, and delighted in publishing these letters on his website.

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