SciFi Strange

Jason Sanford‘s thoughts on an emerging genre. His list of (possibly) representative works available online is excellent.

at his blog:

The online SciFi Strange anthology

Note: A year ago I first noticed a new trend in science fiction which I called SciFi Strange. Since then I’ve been compiling a list of SciFi Strange stories. Hence this online “anthology.” Please enjoy.

Introduction to SciFi Strange

SciFi Strange isn’t a label. It isn’t a definition.  Instead, it’s an attempt to describe the science fiction being created by some of today’s most exciting writers. These stories combine the literary standards and cultural understandings of the New Wave movement with the basic strangeness and sensawunda from the golden age of science fiction–all seen through the lens of today’s multicultural world, where diversity and difference are the norm even as basic human values and needs still bind us together.

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