Colm Tóibín Short Story at The Guardian

Still hammering out the 2nd Packet for school. Mild panic, like having a full bladder while driving– you know you’ll get home eventually, but many speed-bumps and potholes lie ahead. To distract the mind, a short story by Colm Tóibín.

via The Guardian:

I have come back here. I can look out and see the soft sky and the faint line of the horizon and the way the light changes over the sea. It is threatening rain. I can sit on this old high chair that I had shipped from a junk store on Market Street and watch the calmness of the sea against the misting sky.

I have come back here. In all the years, I made sure that the electricity bill was paid and the phone remained connected and the place was cleaned and dusted. And the neighbour who took care of things, Rita’s daughter, opened the house for the postman or the courier when I sent books or paintings or photographs I had bought, sometimes by FedEx, as though it were urgent that they would arrive, as I could not.

As I would not.

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