The Value of Things

Thinking about putting in a bid for the world’s most expensive book? Or maybe pre-ordering Jimmy Page’s “leather-bound, silk-wrapped and autographed 512-page memoir” for £445?

Yeah, me neither.

A better investment in literature can be found at eBay.

via The Los Angeles Times:

Cancer care auction features literary prizes

When Christine Lee Zilka’s friend Jennifer Derilo was diagnosed with Hodgin’s Lymphoma, she decided she was going to do something to help. The two became friends when getting their MFA degrees in creative  writing at Mills College in Northern California, and are now editors at the Kartika Review; Zilka knew her friend Derilo, 32, had no health insurance.

So Zilka called on friends, and some friends of friends, and a few strangers, and put together a literary auction, which is going on now on EBay. As you’d expect, there are some signed books to be had.

But the auction is geared for writers as well as for readers. There are several offers of manuscript critiques  by established authors, including Lac Su, Randa Jarrar, Yiyun Li and Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum. Bynum, a SoCal resident, was named one of the New Yorker’s 20 under 40 fiction writers to watch earlier this year.

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