The Horror, The Horror

TMI – My last few days have proven one thing about the writing life– what it lacks in glamor, it more than makes up for in squalor.

Here’s a list of five novels recommended by Bob Fingerman, a horror writer. Like the Barker and Matheson, but Xombies? Seriously? Dude, that book sucked.

via Entertainment Weekly:

‘Pariah’ author Bob Fingerman reveals his five favorite tomes of terror

Bob Fingerman says that during his spell dwelling on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in the mid-’90s he came to the conclusion the area was not exactly the liveliest place on earth. “It felt zombie-like in a lot of ways,” says the writer and artist. “You’d see lots of old women eating alone in diners. There seemed to be a quality of just waiting for death.” Way to big the burg up, dude! “This is why I don’t work for the Upper East Side Board of Tourism,” laughs the now Upper West Side-dwelling Fingerman.  “‘Come and see the living dead!’”

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