Tune In Next Week, Reader!

I don’t know if this model is going to work– I get impatient waiting for series novels (looking at you George R. R. Martin) so getting a chapter a week might be maddening. Then again, waiting years for a sequel is not the same as waiting a week– the story remains fresh in the mind, especially with cliffhanger endings. Worked for Charles Dickens, maybe it can work today. Plus the app is $6 with no further purchase of chapters, unlike Stephen King’s “The Green Mile” serial. Top notch SF writers, too. Could even get a blog post out of the experience. Okay, I’m sold.

via USA Today:

Serialized novel delivered by an app

Best-selling authors Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear are looking back to the future. This month, they launched a story —The Mongoliad— using a 175-year-old publishing model. Their novel-as-app (or app-as-novel) is coming out in weekly, serial segments, complete with cliffhanger endings and a cheap subscription rate.

Today, instead of reading serialized stories in magazines, readers will pay $5.99 at mongoliad.com for a six-month app that gets them a chapter a week zapped to their smart phone, iPad or computer. The creators hope to have the book available at the iTunes store in the near future.

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