The Changing Landscape of Publishing, ctd.

Good article in the NYT about e-publishing and Electric Literature‘s new book-to-app service. Electric Literature is, in my opinion, the best literary magazine being published electronically. If anyone can make a go of this model, it’s going to be them.

via The New York Times:

Blurring the Line Between Apps and Books

Readers of an app version of Stephen Elliott’s memoir can comment and see his responses.

Rather than exploit the multimedia potential of an app book, Mr. Elliott said he wanted to include tools that cater to a special group: Stephen Elliott readers.

“As an author, I want you to have the best experience,” he said. “People want to talk about the books they are reading with other people. Why, with everything we know, wouldn’t you include a chat room with your e-book?”

Once readers buy the app, he says, they are beginning a relationship with him and other readers; they can leave comments and read responses and updates from the author. They may even be told down the line that he has a new book for sale and then be able to buy it through the app.

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