A (Not So) Scary Post for Halloween

Happy Halloween!

via Chicago Tribune:

Small horror presses fill niche gaps left by big publishers

As book publishers struggle to succeed in this economy, horror writers have to find alternatives to large publishing houses that, according to some authors, are accepting less material from niche genres. These writers are turning to small presses, where they might not receive a large advance but will get hands-on help from editors.

Richard Chizmar, founder and publisher of Cemetery Dance Publications, a small press in Maryland that is trying to fill the horror void left by the large publishers, said that despite tough economic times, Cemetery Dance still has a dedicated readership.

“No major New York publisher has a line dedicated to horror, so those writers are going to niche publishers,” Chizmar said. “I don’t think it is a reach to say that as the New York publishing scene tightens its belts, we continue to have a bigger audience, because horror readers have to come somewhere.”

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