140 Characters

Good article below. I was slow to get on Twitter but now have it constantly running in a browser window. Using the Lists feature is especially nice, allowing you to group people into categories such as Politics/News, Science, etc. Really fun to follow writers such as Margaret E. Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Tayari Jones, Catherynne Valente, Caitlin R. Kiernan, Benjamin Percy, Joe Hill, and Peter Straub.

via Los Angeles Times:

Twitter is full of readers: ‘Why I Read’ makes trending topic

On Wednesday, the hashtag #whyIread rolled out of bed in New York and caught the attention of Twitter readers everywhere. It was repeated so widely, so many times, that within hours, #whyIread had made Twitter’s Top 10 trending topics in Los Angeles, New York and nationwide.

While Twitter’s 140-character limitation makes it a strangely truncated place for communication, the #whyIread hashtag’s popularity shows that its users may be intellectually engaged after all.

Literary types, who spend much of their time on Twitter discussing books and reading, wondered why suddenly everyone else was too. “Wow! What influencers sparked the first RTs?” tweeted Charlotte Abbot, a journalist and publishing consultant.

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