Ending my subscription to One Story was tough– One Story’s format and content was excellent– so I was excited to come across a new iPad/iPhone app that promises to deliver high quality short stories every week for six months for just $4.99 (21 cents per story).


One great story delivered to your iPhone or iPad every week
We’re excited to bring you the beta launch of Storyville, which premieres today, December 14 2010. Our mission is to bring you one great story every week. Stories are timeless, but the world has changed the way stories come into our lives, and how we share them.

Storyville publishes one story each week to your iPhone or iPad (soon other platforms as well). The stories are always with you. Read on the bus, in an airport, waiting in line, in bed, or wherever you are inspired to enjoy a well written story.

Storyville currently has two public domain pieces (used in Beta testing, I assume) and Ben Greenman‘s, “The Transgression”. Upcoming authors include:

… Joe Meno, Robert Boswell, Mavis Gallant, Pasha Malia, Charles Baxter, Shannon Rouss, Belle Boggs and more. New story collections represented in Storyville will include work from Akashic Books, Archipelago, HarperCollins, W. W. Norton, Simon and Schuster, Random House, Graywolf Press and more.

The app itself seems well designed. Fonts, font size, and background color are all adjustable. There’s no landscape mode and, in my initial testing, I found some adjustments finicky and had one crash– minor issues that are common in new releases.

Some pics of the app on my iPad:

Title Page



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