Pointer #25 – BLIP

* Online lit mags are publishing some of the most intriguing writing available today. Every Monday, I post a pointer to a site that offers fiction either as free content or as samples from subscriber issues. Today’s pointer is to BLIP.

Pointer #25 will be the last scheduled post here as I am shifting my efforts from a personal blog to a more lit specific one. Please check back for details and thanks so much for visiting!


BLIP began life in 1995 as Mississippireview.com, which was among the first and most pop­u­lar lit­er­ary mag­a­zines on the Web. As of 2010, the mag­a­zine has more than fif­teen hun­dred sto­ries and poems in its archive, work by such writ­ers as Thom Jones, Ben Mar­cus, Francine Prose, Pad­gett Pow­ell, Barry Han­nah, Tom Drury, Eliz­a­beth Gilbert, Rick Bass, Ben Nei­hart, and from newer writ­ers like Brian Oberkirch, Michael Der­man­sky, Court­ney Eldridge, David Ryan, Lau­rie O’Brien, Jaime Clarke, Stacey Richter, Susan Hub­bard, Larry French. BLIP is the new, inde­pen­dent ver­sion of the mag­a­zine, with the same edi­to­r­ial staff, plus some new addi­tions. We will be pub­lish­ing a quar­terly lit­er­ary mag­a­zine, the first issue of which is the Sum­mer 2010 issue, and we will be doing daily and weekly updates to add mate­ri­als that seem inter­est­ing enough to war­rant atten­tion, rebroad­cast, retal­i­a­tion, etc. It’s bombs away time. We hope you make the mag­a­zine (which we fully intend to rename, per­haps repeat­edly) a reg­u­lar stop in your Web trav­els. We wel­come you and encour­age your participation.

Fiction excerpt:

Kim Chinquee

I sat there on the floor, read­ing about red cells for my the­sis. My cat Patches was curled at my feet.  My boyfriend William had come over, we were try­ing things again, and now I lis­tened as he talked to my son Jamie about his job as a reporter. Jamie nod­ded, more inter­ested in the TV, where some guy was smack­ing his gui­tar and dou­ble leaping.

My mother called.  It was almost Christmas.

“Eileen,” my mother said.  “Come and see your stepdad.”

“What should I say?”

“He loves you, you know.”

Patches rubbed my leg.  She was cal­ico.  I pet­ted her and she started purring.  There was silence on my mom’s end.

“I’m say­ing maybe you should come now,” she said.  “At least think about it.”

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