Literary LOLz, Weekend Edition

The ubiquitous James Franco, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating, and Jonathan Franzen getting irritated.


Moby Awards honor best, worst book trailers of 2011

On the surface, book trailers seem like a fairly ridiculous concept: trying to market literature to people who would rather wait until the movie version comes out. Most of the time, publishing houses create trailers that are visually arresting or entertaining, but have nothing whatsoever to do with the book they’re trying to sell. That’s where the Moby Awards  come in.

Celebrating the best and the worst of book trailers with a statuette of a golden sperm whale, last night’s Second Annual Moby Awards were held at the Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn. With categories like “Most Celebtastic Performance,” “Best Small House Press Trailer” and “What Are We Doing to Our Children? (good or bad, you decide),” the ceremony is more tongue-in-cheek McSweeney’s party than Paris Review gala.

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