American Gods Coming to HBO

After kicking ass with Game of Thrones, HBO snags Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

via The Guardian:

Neil Gaiman to adapt novel American Gods for HBO

Neil Gaiman talks to John Mullan at the Guardian Book Club at the Edinburgh international book festival. Photograph: Murdo Macleod

Neil Gaiman is to start work “in a couple of weeks” on adapting his bestselling novel American Gods into a TV series for the American cable channel HBO.

Speaking at the Guardian Book Club at the Edinburgh international book festival, the author said: “I got the email yesterday saying that the final contractual tos and fros have been sorted out and I should be free within a couple of weeks to start writing.”

Gaiman, 50, is the British-born, US-based novelist, short-story writer and screenwriter widely regarded as having redefined the graphic novel, notably with his comic book series The Sandman.

His first “straight” novel, Neverwhere, was a version of his 1996 BBC screenplay of the same name. American Gods is his bestselling novel which, on the 10th anniversary of its publication this year, was re-published with an extra 12,000 words of material that had been excised from the first edition.

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