“Downmarket genre fiction”

Read the comments that follow. My favorite:

Apart from being hideously snobbish, she doesn’t seem to realise that reading a kindle could just be a lot easier for the Mills and Boon readers who may have arthritic fingers/hands.


Ebook sales are being driven by downmarket genre fiction | Media | The Guardian.

Reading an ebook

Kindle-owning bibliophiles are furtive beasts. Their shelves still boast classics and Booker winners. But inside that plastic case, other things lurk. Sci-fi and self-help. Even paranormal romance, where vampires seduce virgins and elves bonk trolls.


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2 responses to ““Downmarket genre fiction”

  1. James Worrad

    They write things like this to get comments, I’m sure. Comments= advertising= ker-ching!

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