Weirdness From The Sidebar

Take a look at the right side of this page. Scroll down a bit. See the section called “Author Blogs”, the one with only two links? You should check out both of them.

China Mieville posted on his blog for the first time in over two months. I’m glad he’s back.

M. John Harrison’s blog led me to the page below. After reading it, I ended up ordering a printed book (no digital copy being available) for the first time in at least a year.

Stories in the Key of Strange | Matthew Cheney | Weird Fiction Review.

More and more, I find myself attracted to innovative writing that isn’t afraid to leave great gaps within itself, that doesn’t try to stick the world onto a postage stamp, but rather puts a postage stamp in the middle of the world’s unfathomable complexities. There was Leena Krohn’s short “sort-of novel” Tainaron, a book that I preferred to various massive novelistic tomes of erudition and insight that I have abandoned, a book that felt like it expanded within my mind rather than a book I had to squeeze into the cluttered space of my cranium. I feel the same way about Mac Wellman’s script “The Sandalwood Box” — I would happily go to see a production of this play, while I tend to dread going to the theatre much anymore, because the time is so often fizzled away with banalities, stock language, clunky character arcs, and desperate attempts to use whizzbangs to take hostage the attentions of an ever-more-distracted audience of tourists seeking live movies, the simulacrum dreams of imaginations colonized by Hollywood.

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