U MAD? LMFAO! #JFranBTrippin

“It’s hard to cite facts or create an argument in 140 characters … It’s like if Kafka had decided to make a video semaphoring The Metamorphosis. Or it’s like writing a novel without the letter ‘P’… It’s the ultimate irresponsible medium. People I care about are readers … particularly serious readers and writers, these are my people. And we do not like to yak about ourselves.”

This guy is an awesome troll.

Jonathan Franzen: ‘Twitter is the ultimate irresponsible medium’ | Books | guardian.co.uk
After criticising Facebook and the ebook, Jonathan Franzen has warned of the dangers of Twitter

Jonathan Franzen

Turning on Twitter ... Jonathan Franzen. Photograph: Graham Turner for the Guardian

Jonathan Franzen, no friend to the rapid onward march of technology, has now turned his ire on Twitter, reportedly describing the microblogging site as “unspeakably irritating” at a book reading.

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