My schedule for Chicon 7: The 70th World Science Fiction Convention

I’ll be doing some panels at Chicon 7: The 70th World Science Fiction Convention, August 30 to September 3. My inclusion is obviously a mistake of some sort (I suspect a distracted intern) but as I’m too socially awkward to correct the error, I’ve gone ahead and booked a flight to Chicago.


Thu 6:00:pm – 7:30:pm
The Short Story as Testing Ground
Discussing the role short stories has and will play in the genre of science fiction and fantasy, from proving ground to promotions to the merits of writing and reading short stories. We’ll explore where the genre is headed, whether its early popularity is enduring (is anyone reading them anymore?) and the influence of contests and electronic publishing on the genre.
Betsy Dornbusch Brad R. Torgersen D.H. Aire Dennis Y. Ginoza Vylar Kaftan

Fri 9:00:am – 10:30:am
New Writers Session 3
A panel for new and debut authors to discuss their work and careers.
Brad Aiken Dennis Y. Ginoza Hugh Howey Janet Catherine Johnston Michael Coorlim

Fri 12:00:pm – 1:30:pm
F*** Your Knight and the Horse He Rode in on Part Deux: Fantasy Series Not Based on Medieval Europe
Gold Coast
A follow-up to last year’s irreverent panel of young writers challenging the predominance of medieval-inspired settings in fantasy.
Christopher Kastensmidt Dennis Y. Ginoza Elizabeth Bear T. L. Morganfield

Fri 3:30:pm – 4:00:pm
Writer Under Glass #24
Fan Lounge
This isn\’t actually a panel, but a stunt. Writers volunteer to sit in a certain place for 30-40 minutes each and write serially on a collaborative story. Each takes up where the previous left off throughout the run of the convention. The resulting manuscript will be printed out only once, signed by all the writers, and entered into the charity auction as a contribution from all the writers. Con attendees can watch the writers at work–this has to be done in public like Harlan Ellison\’s writing in shop windows–but may not harass them. The attendees can watch what\’s being written in real time on a remote monitor. The story is complete at the end of the con and no other copies will be made without consent of all the writers who participated.
Dennis Y. Ginoza

Sat 4:30:pm – 6:00:pm
Quantum Physics Meets Magical Realism
Columbus CD
The way in which Quantum Physics describes the universe seems more and more to enter the realm of the fantastic. Where does reality end and fantasy begin?
Catherynne Valente Dennis Y. Ginoza Karen Burnham Mr. Magic Realism/Bruce Taylor Tim Stoffel

Mon 9:00:am – 10:30:am
Faith in Science Fiction & Fantasy
Faith can take many forms besides organized worship of a Higher Being, and yet, not a single Earth culture known to us exists absent a faith system in some form. What is the importance of faith in motivating human beings and in creating realistic worlds? What are the things people put their faith in? Magic? Science? Laws? Government? Wealth? Fame? Not a debate of the validity of ideas but a discussion of their value and use as motivators for all of us.
Bryan Thomas Schmidt Dennis Y. Ginoza Isabel Schechter Randy Smith


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4 responses to “My schedule for Chicon 7: The 70th World Science Fiction Convention

  1. Those sound like great panels! I wish I could be on some of them or at least be there to hear you all. Have a great time!

    (And there was no mistake. Getting picked for panels is one of the perks of being a Clarion grad. You’re assumed to have something worth saying.)

    If you need any ideas for future blog posts, I’d be very interested in hearing your ideas about fantasy set outside a faux-medieval Europe setting as well as any data you gather on how well such books sell to publishers and then to readers. More and more, that’s the type of fantasy I’m choosing to read. But my friends who write it (with a few exceptions) seem to end up having to self-publish or go with a small press for lack of interest from the big presses. But maybe my friends are a skewed sample?

    • I’m starting to prepare for con and will let you know if I have any ideas, Shauna. My plan at the moment is to reference works like China Mieville’s New Crobuzon trilogy and maybe M. John Harrison’s earlier work. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

  2. I hope I get into town in time to make your Thurs panel. If not, I gots your number, we’ll definitely have to meet up! Looking forward to seeing you!

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