Gail Tsukiyama



Gail Tsukiyama is the author of the newly released novel THE LANGUAGE OF THREADS which continues the story she began in her first novel WOMEN OF THE SILK. Ms. Tsukiyama is also the author of two other novels, SAMURAI’S GARDEN and NIGHT OF MANY DREAMS. She lives in El Cerrito, California.
Dennis Y. Ginoza spoke with Ms. Tsukiyama at the University Bookstore in Seattle, WA. where Ms. Tsukiyama gave a reading of her new novel. Ms. Tsukiyama’s answers are presented here in RealMedia 5.0 format (non-streaming). To listen to these files, you will need the free RealPlayer software.
To listen to Ms. Tsukiyama read an excerpt from THE LANGUAGE OF THREADS, click on the following Realmedia file: tsukiyamaexcerpt

Q&A with Gail Tsukiyama

Q – When did you first begin writing? tsukiyama1

Q – Were any authors particularly influential on your writing? Who are you reading now? tsukiyama2

Q – Your novels are full of historical details. How do you go about researching your novels?

    – Researching WOMEN OF THE SILK – tsukiyama3

    – Researching SAMURAI’S GARDEN – tsukiyama4

    – Researching THE LANGUAGE OF THREADS – tsukiyama5



Q – What draws you to write about Hong Kong in WWII? tsukiyama6

Q – What is your next project? tsukiyama7

Q – Why do you write? tsukiyama8

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