Kerri Sakamoto



Kerri Sakamoto was born and raised in Toronto where she currently resides. She earned her master’s degree from New York University. She has written visual arts criticism and screenplays for independent films. Her short fiction was included in Charlie Chan Is Dead: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian-American Fiction. THE ELECTRICAL FIELD is her first novel (to read SCRAAL’s review of THE ELECTRICAL FIELD, click here).
Dennis Y. Ginoza recently spoke with Ms. Sakamoto at the Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle. Her answers are presented here in RealMedia 5.0 format (non-streaming). To listen to these files, you will need the free RealPlayer software. Once the files have dowloaded to your computer, open them to hear the audio.

Q&A with Kerri Sakamoto

Q – When did you start writing? sakamoto1

Q – Were any authors particularly influential on your own writing? sakamoto2

Q – Miss Saito, the narrator of your novel, jumps between the past and the present as she tells her story. What interests you about the interplay between memory and our perceptions of the present? sakamoto3

Q – The relationship between Miss Saito and Yano, her next door neighbor, is an interesting one. How do you see them and their connection with each other? sakamoto4

Q – Miss Saito proves to be an unreliable narrator. Were you trying to create a space between the reader and Miss Saito by casting suspicion on the veracity of her tale? Was this in order to alienate the reader? Or was it just me? sakamoto5

Q – Miss Saito’s narration is very vividly rendered. How did you capture her voice when you were writing the novel? sakamoto6

Q – Were you ever surprised by what Miss Saito said or did? sakamoto7

Q – The lives your characters live and the events that occur to them are rather grim. Yet the ending of your novel is ambiguous. Do you see THE ELECTRICAL FIELD as an essentially hopeful novel? sakamoto8

Q – What’s your next project? sakamoto9

Q – Why do you write? sakamoto10

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