Mako Yoshikawa



Mako Yoshikawa has studied at Columbia and Oxford. A doctoral candidate in English literature at the University of Michigan, she lives in New York City. She is the great-granddaughter of a geisha. ONE HUNDRED AND ONE WAYS  is Ms. Yoshikawa’s debut novel. Dennis Y. Ginoza spoke with her at the Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle. Her answers are presented here in RealMedia 5.0 format (non-streaming). To listen to these files, you will need the free RealPlayer software.
To hear Ms. Yoshikawa read from her novel, select from the files below:

Excerpt – makoyoshikawaexcerpt1

Extended Excerpt – makoyoshikawaexcerpt


Q&A with Mako Yoshikawa

1 – When did you first begin writing? makoyoshikawa1

2 – Your great-grandmother was a geisha. Why did you incorporate your family history into the novel? makoyoshikawa2

3 – In imagining and writing about Kiki’s grandmother, do you feel that you were able to somehow gain insight into your own great-grandmother? makoyoshikawa3

4 – Talk about the relationship Kiki has with Phillip, her dead lover, and the tension this creates between Kiki and her current lover, Eric. makoyoshikawa4

5 – In what ways does Kiki’s relationship with Phillip parallel her mother’s and grandmother’s relationships with their lovers? makoyoshikawa5

6 – Talk about the title of your novel, ONE HUNDRED AND ONE WAYS. makoyoshikawa6

7 – Do you see the issues confronting Kiki as unique to Asian American women? makoyoshikawa7

8 – Talk about Kiki’s simultaneous attraction to and rejection of her Japanese heritage. makoyoshikawa8

9 – Your thoughts on Arthur Golden’s MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA? makoyoshikawa9

10 – When you were writing ONE HUNDRED AND ONE WAYS, did you feel an obligation to do more than just tell a good story? makoyoshikawa10

11 – Why do you write? makoyoshikawa11

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