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Peter Bacho is the author of the novel CEBU, winner of the American Book Award of the Before Columbus Foundation. His last work is DARK BLUE SUIT, a collection of short stories. Mr. Bacho currently teaches in the Liberal Studies Program, University of Washington, Tacoma.
Dennis Y. Ginoza recently spoke with Mr. Bacho at a cafe in downtown Tacoma. Mr. Bacho’s answers are presented here in RealMedia 5.0 format (non-streaming). To listen to these files, you will need the free RealPlayer software. Once the files have dowloaded to your computer, open them to hear the audio. To read an article about Peter Bacho that appeard in the Seattle Times, click here.
Listen to Mr. Bacho read an excerpt from DARK BLUE SUIT- bachoexcerpt

 Q&A with Peter Bacho

1- When did you start writing? bacho1

2- You grew up in the Central District of Seattle. What was it like to live there? bacho2

3- Do you find yourself revisiting your childhood in your writing? bacho3

4- Do you feel any pressure to write “ethnic” fiction? bacho4

5- Were any authors particularly influential on your writing? Who are you reading now? bacho5

6- Do you tend to read more fiction or nonfiction? (discusses politics as well) bacho6

7- Filipino writers seem to be under-represented in Asian American Literature? Why? bacho7

8- Do you make a concious effort to write as a Filipino-American? bacho8

9- Is DARK BLUE SUIT fiction or memoir? bacho9

10- Why write fiction rather than, say, a scholarly tome? bacho10

11- Why do younger Filipino-Americans seem uninterested in their history? bacho11

12- What’s the job of a writer? Is it just to tell a good story? bacho12

13- Your next project? bacho13

14- What is it about boxing that you find so attractive? bacho14

15- An Irish writer, I can’t remember who, once said that machismo is an inevitable part of men who have been oppressed. Do you think machismo is a trait of people who come from countries which have suffered under colonization? bacho15

16- Why do you write? bacho16

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