Phoebe Eng



Phoebe Eng is a former corporate attorney and a past publisher of A. Magazine, the highly acclaimed national magazine for Asian Americans. She is a national lecturer and director of a strategy group called The Different Mirror, which has advised the U.S. Department of Justice, the Ford Foundation, the Urban League, Fortune 500 companies, media and technology groups, and universities.
Ms. Eng is an award-winning social activist who was a member of the Ms. Foundation group to the 1995 U.N. World Conference on Women in Beijing. She participated in the creation of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, and as an advisor on several Asian American task forces.
Dennis Y. Ginoza recently spoke with Ms. Eng in Seattle, where she was scheduled to do a reading from her new book, WARRIOR LESSONS, AN ASIAN AMERICAN WOMAN’S JOURNEY INTO POWER. Ms. Eng’s answers (recorded in a very noisy restaurant) are presented here in RealMedia 5.0 format (non-streaming). To listen to these files, you will need the free RealPlayer software.

To learn more about WARRIOR LESSONS and Ms. Eng, visit her website.


Q&A with Phoebe Eng

1- Why did you write WARRIOR LESSONS? phoebeeng1

2- What type of reaction has WARRIOR LESSONS gotten? phoebeeng2

3- What has changed in American culture to engender such a warm reception to your book? phoebeeng3

4- Where do you see Asian American women’s issues meshing with traditional feminism? Where do you see them diverging? phoebeeng4

5- How would you define “Asian Americans?” phoebeeng5

6- You describe several negative consequences of stereotyping Asian Americans. Yet don’t Asian Americans also benefit from the “model minority” myth? phoebeeng6

7- Where does the balance lie between adapting to American culture and trying to infuse it with one’s own cultural heritage? phoebeeng7

8- You deal with some painful issues in WARRIOR LESSONS. Was it difficult for you to write this book? phoebeeng8

9- How do you deal with some of the criticism that has been leveled at your book? phoebeeng9

10- You stress the importance of mentors to Asian American women. As a mentor, what advice would you give to a young Asian American girl? phoebeeng10

11- Why does there seem to be so much tension between Asian American mothers and their daughters? phoebeeng11

12- Now that WARRIOR LESSONS is out, what is next for you? phoebeeng12

13- Why do you write? phoebeeng13

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