Pointer #10 – Neon

* Online lit mags are publishing some of the most intriguing writing available today. Every Monday, I post a pointer to a site that offers fiction and/or poetry either as free content or as samples from subscriber issues. Today’s pointer is to Neon.

I really like the visual layout of this site– stark, simple, with intriguing photos.

About Neon:

Neon is a UK-based literary magazine, published online every quarter, and featuring the kind of imaginative, stylised poetry and prose not generally found in British magazines. We focus particularly on the new, the experimental and the strange.

Some themes we are interested in include: isolation, post-modernism, technology, dislocation, apathy, the apocalypse, memory, Kirk Cameron and urban decay.

We have a strong, unique aesthetic that we work hard to maintain. We serve our readers by publishing the best fiction and poetry we can find. We serve our writers by making the submission process as easy and friendly as possible.


fiction excerpt from Arijit Sen’s, “Chairman Mao, In Retirement” (I can’t get the formatting right, please follow the link above for proprer layout, my apologies to the poet):

To fill the day Chairman Mao goes on long walks. He buys a gold-tipped cane from a vendor stand, walks leaning heavily on it. He kicks at errant pieces of gravel, imagining the stones are the stars of the universe. He reads The Collected Works of Charles Dickens till he falls asleep in the study each night, head drooping on fleshy chest.

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