Shameless Self-Promotion

My short story, “Euler’s Identity”, will appear in an upcoming edition of Prime Number Magazine. PNM is published by Press 53, a small press based in Winston-Salem, NC. If you have a moment, please visit both sites.

This is the first piece I have submitted and my first acceptance. Thanks to all who read and commented on the story. Particular thanks to Jamiee Wriston Colbert and Ben Percy.


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2 responses to “Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. Susan DeFreitas

    Congratulations, Dennis. It surely will not be the last. (I’m certain you’ll make the print edition as well.)

    • Thanks, Susan. The print issue (despite my love of digital text) would be awesome. Really, though, it’s enough that PNM wanted my story– looking at the bios of the other writers there still makes me think, WTF? Did they email the wrong guy (me)?

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